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The weather warms and we take a step back out into the sun. Bring a nice light project with you to the garden, like the Charron Skirt or the West Island PJ set.

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KISMET Quick Picks

Charron Skirt Knitting Pattern

This skirt pattern is perfect for a professional setting, or getting brunch on the weekend.The pattern lends itself to sophistication. Depending on your choice of knit and colors you have the freedom to give it a clean and modern feel, or a classic retro flare.

Selkie Sweater Knitting Pattern

A simple fitted pullover in a raglan design, with sleeves long enough to roll or cozy up chilly knuckles. This sweater pattern will help you keep warm while you batten down the hatches and weather the storm.

West Island Shorts Pattern

A simple textured sleep shorts pattern. a quick knit, that is sure to be a lounge-wear favorite! The partner to the West Island Tee, this shorts pattern features the same edge design and stitch pattern with a loose easy shape. This elevated basic piece will compliment your wardrobe for lounge, so show off a favorite high end fiber!

Knitters Notebook .pdf- 

Choose between full page (8.5 x 11) or half sheet (5.5 x 8) .pdf worksheet collections with a romantic theme. Make your next project and stash as organized as possible to take the stress out of the knitting process! Sheets to organize your stash & needles, as well as a project page, and sheets to keep your details in order while you create your next design! Print pages and sections as needed for a completely personal and customized journal of knitting goodness!

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Free Worksheets!

A collection of themed, knitting inspired, printable .pdf worksheets to get your knitting life organized!

Find these FREE printables in both "romantic" & "nautical" themes, in our shop! Don't forget to take a look around while you're there!