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Knitting pattern creator & curator.

Lovely Little Knits

Knitting needles flock skeen textile

We design lovely little knitting patterns.

You have the power to currate a one of a kind "true to you" closet. We offer a high quality and classic look through our simple to execute patterns. Kismet’s patterns empower you to achieve staple wardrobe pieces with your own two hands, and knitting needles


Now Available

Deer-ly Sweater

The chill of lingering winter is greeted by the anticipation of oncoming spring. It's still time to hygge, to get cozy, to wrap yourself in the textures of warmth.

The Deer-ly pattern is inspired by the relationship between Winter and Spring. With the evergreen pattern carrying it through the seasons, there is also a breath of life with flowers, deer, and hearts. This pattern is lasting. You can keep it in your closet longer before you have to switch your wardrobe to the next season.

Get your hands on this everlasting pattern, and elevate your wardrobe.